Electromobility for the future

Sustainability is one of the big issues of our time and electric mobility is an inseparable part of it. The electric motors required for this have to meet high demands in terms of design and running characteristics.

DASYM responds to the opportunities of these times with finely tuned and standardised test bench solutions for testing electric motors.

Innovative – sustainable – sophisticated

The DASYM ECODyn modules E and EL drive units and load units have been specially developed for e-mobility test bench applications. With high speeds of up to 20,000 rpm, the asynchronous motor offers optimal conditions for demanding simulations. Due to the high torques and the low mass moments of inertia, a speed gradient of up to 26,000 rpm/s is achieved.

The basic scope of ECODyn E and ECODyn EL modules for electric motors always consists of:

  • the matching asynchronous motor with installed torque measuring flange and speed sensor,
  • an converter including input rectifier and inverter
  • projected as a finished module

Data of the ECODyn product series for electric motors:

Type: E und ELPower / torque / speed fromPower / torque / speed up to
ECODyn 147E to 265E147 kW / 226 Nm / 20,000 rpm265 kW / 510 Nm / 16,000 rpm
ECODyn 265EL to 378EL265 kW / 490 Nm / 11,500 rpm378 kW / 1300 Nm / 11,000 rpm

DASYM also supplies you with state-of-the-art automation, as well as other options and accessories on request.

Schematic of a test bench for electric motors

Schema Prüfstand Elektromotor

Test specimen electric motor

Intended for test bench applications in the EMobility sector. The max. speed of the test item is 20000 rpm. Testing of special modules with higher speeds possible on request.

Automation and control

Automation of test sequences, acquisition of measurement data and control.

Connection of further hardware

Depending on the requirements, additional components can be connected. Communication is possible via various bus systems such as EtherCat.

ECODyn ASM module

The basic version of the ECODyn asynchronous machine module consists of proven standard components that can be expanded according to customer-specific requirements. Attached to the motor are a speed sensor and a torque measuring flange.

ECODyn frequency converter

The ECODyn ASM module already contains the ECODyn frequency converter, which controls the motor and passes on signals to the controller.

Battery simulation

Battery simulations for supplying the electrical test specimen and for mapping different battery models.

Our range of services for testing electric motors includes:

  • Complete asynchronous machines ECODyn E and ECODyn EL modules consisting of:
    • Asynchronous motor, power electronics / inverter and matching adjustable machine frame
    • Automation and control systems
    • Battery simulations, power measurement and analysis for e-mobility and much more
  • Complete project management with DASYM
  • Complete test bench systems with partners
ECODyn E für Elekromotoren

ECODyn for electric motors

The drive and load machines of the ECODyn E series are specially designed for test benches for testing electric motors.

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