Products from OPV via DASYM

OPVengineering GmbH is our partner for automation and control with intuitive operation and expandable I/O up to structure-optimised mechanics. Furthermore, together with OPV we can also supply complete test benches.

Test bench automation and control OPVnuclio for all types of automotive test benches:

based on TwinCAT (a worldwide standard for automation created by Beckhoff) and EtherCAT consisting of:

Basic hardware and software

  • Controllers and licences
  • Basic test bench software

Modular stages of expansion for the following applications

  • Internal combustion engine test bench
  • eTraction test bench
  • VKM/Hybrid Powertrain Test Bench FWD/RWD/AWD
  • eDrive powertrain test bench FWD/RWD/AWD
  • Back2Back component test stand
  • eDrive Back2Back endurance test stand

Optional real-time modules

  • Combustion engine simulation
  • Driver and vehicle simulation
  • Drive train simulation
  • Battery simulation

Integration of Simulink user models

All requirements for the definition, function, evaluation of the test sequences, interaction with the user, import, export and monitoring are solved in the automation system.
A library of software solutions already existing from many applications and connections to various device interfaces are accessible to the user and can be used with the OPV system.

Battery simulation by Gustav Klein via DASYM

Gustav Klein GmbH & Co KG is our partner in the field of battery simulations for electrical test bench and fuel cell test bench applications. Gustav Klein has been producing power supplies for industrial applications in Schongau for 70 years.

  • Power single system up to 500 kW
  • Total power parallel system up to 1.0 MW
  • Output voltage single system up to 1000 V
  • Output current single system up to 1000 A
    (higher output currents on request)

Products from FEV via DASYM

FEV Software and Testing Solutions GmbH is a major provider of advanced test and measurement products and services.

Test Field Management FEVFLEX

Efficient planning of available resources and continuous analysis of weak points in test facility processes are essential for future-oriented and optimised test facility operations. FEVFlex is an independent, powerful database management system for the administration and organisation of all resources in a test facility.


Conditioning and consumption meters XCons and XRates

  • Combustion air conditioning AirCon
  • Cooling water conditioning CoolCon
  • Oil conditioning LubCon
  • Fuel conditioning FuelCon
  • Fuel consumption meter FuelRate
  • Dynamic intake air conditioning RaceCon

Air consumption meter AirRate

AirRate uses ultrasonic transit time differential measurement to measure the air volume in the engine intake tract. Due to the measuring method, the device is maintenance-free and requires no settling sections.

TypeNominal widthAir, mass flow
 AirRate 100 DN 100 10 … 1000 kg/h
 AirRate 150 DN 150 30 … 3000 kg/h
AirRate 200 DN 200 50 … 4500 kg/h

BlowBy meter BlowByRate


BlowByRate is a measuring device for continuous measurement and monitoring of the amount of blow-by gas. The device is characterised by its simple and service-friendly design (orifice plate can be changed without tools) and its high measuring accuracy.

Measuring ranges
1.5 … 75 l/min
3 … 150 l/min
6 … 300 l/min
12 … 600 l/min
24 … 1200 l/min

Exhaust gas measuring system FEVER and FEVER FTIR

FEVER and FEVER FTIR are exhaust gas measuring systems for undiluted exhaust gas. They have a modular and service-friendly design, as all system components are accessible from the front. The equipment of the system can be adapted to the specific application.

  • Precise, dynamic measurement of the exhaust components
  • Highest accuracy – excellent reproducibility
  • Wide range of applications
  • Very simple operation, calibration and maintenance
  • Very good accessibility and space-saving installation option
  • Simple integration in the test bench environment through standardised interfaces

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