Drive and load machines for testing drive trains

The drive and load machines of the ECODyn G series are intended for testing powertrains in the electric mobility sector and in transmission development, which they cover optimally with their high torques. The max speed is up to 3500 rpm.

The basic scope of the ECODyn G series for powertrain modules always consists of:

  • Multiple drive systems from asynchronous machines including torque measuring flange and speed sensor,
  • an inverter system with input rectifier and inverter
  • each projected as a finished module
ECODyn module data (regenerative)ECODyn 270GECODyn 310GSOECODyn 320GSOECODyn 382GSO
Rated voltageV380460325300
Nominal powerkW270310320382
Rated torqueNm4160170038005000
Rated speedrpm6151735805729
Maximum speedrpm4,0003,5003,2003,000
Rated currentA461461664829
Mass moment of inertiakg m²13.033.218.5310.58
Maximum speed gradient (gen) up to nominal speed incl. overloadrpm/s3659606351055417
All motors are available with air cooling or water cooling with air-water heat exchanger (LWW). Equipped with ROD 436 speed sensor and HBM T40B torque flange.

Torque diagrams regenerative operation of the G-series

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