ECODyn E series (e-mobility)

The drive and load machines of the ECODyn E series are intended for test bench applications in the EMobility sector. The max speed is 20,000 rpm. Their high torques and low mass moments of inertia offer speed gradients of up to 26,000 rpm/s and thus very good dynamics for demanding simulations.

The basic scope of ECODyn E modules for electric motors always consists of:

  • the matching asynchronous machine with associated torque measuring flange and speed sensor,
  • a converter system with supply unit and inverter unit
  • projected as a finished module
ECODyn module data (regenerative)ECODyn 147EECODyn 179EECODyn 210EECODyn 250EECODyn 265E
Rated voltageV430460340317460
Nominal powerkW147179210250265
Rated torqueNm226425450500510
Rated speedrpm62194003449047704954
Maximum speedrpm20,00016,00016,00020,00016,000
Rated currentA223238393620369
Mass moment of inertiakg m²0.1340.2940.2540.3340.29
Maximum speed gradient (gen) up to nominal speed incl. overloadrpm/s2417616571175451716019885
The motors 147E and 250E are water-cooled + forced cooling fan, mounted speed sensor HMC16 and torque flange HBM T40B;
the motors 179E, 210E and 265E are air-cooled, mounted speed sensor ROD 486 and torque flange HBM T40B.

Torque diagrams regenerative operation of the E-series

ECODyn EL series

ECODyn module data (regenerative)ECODyn 265ELECODyn 378EL
Rated voltageV460330
Nominal powerkW265378
Nominal torqueNm4901300
Rated speedrpm51592775
Maximum speedrpm11,50011,000
Rated currentA354766
Mass moment of inertiakg m²0.2941.913
Maximum speed gradient (gen) up to nominal speed incl. overloadrpm/s191057788
The 265EL motor is air-cooled, fitted with ROD 436 speed sensor and HBM T40B torque flange; the
378EL motor is water-jacket-cooled + forced cooling fan, fitted with HMC16 speed sensor and HBM T40B torque flange.

Torque diagrams regenerative operation of the EL series

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