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Automotive Testing Expo Messe Stuttgart: 21, 22 and 23 June 2022.

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3 test benches successfully in operation

In the laboratory for Vehicle drives at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Bundeswehr University, old engine test benches were to be replaced by modern test benches with 250 or 350 kW power and the ability to use alternative fuels (methanol, ethanol, hydrogen), including an integrated measurement and automation system for teaching and research.

For this modernisation, it was important to deliver, on the one hand, a complete system consisting of test stand and measurement and automation system with high-quality load drives and a measurement and automation system based on an open architecture and algorithms for measurement, automation and evaluation.

As DASYM, we succeeded in meeting these requirements, so that we received the order to realise the project at the end of 2020.

These were 3 engine test benches: two with 350 kW and one with 265 kW load machines, complete with automation, control, measurement and safety technology.

The load units were equipped with our proven standard EC ODyn modules, and the automation, control and measurement technology was designed together with our partner OPV.

These 3 test benches have now been successfully put into operation and meet all the requirements set by the Bundeswehr University.

The cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Trapp and his staff was and is very good, so that the project management was a pleasure.

Happy Birthday: 10 years DASYM!

On April 1, 2022 we celebrate

10 years DASYM!

We are committed and successful in the market for test bench solutions since 2012.

We started with energy tax consulting and asynchronous machine modules, mainly for engine test benches and transmission test benches.

Then the product range was expanded with measurement technology, as well as automation and control.

In the meantime, together with good partners, we can also supply complete, well-functioning test stands, which we have already proven several times.

We are also well positioned for the future and will continue successfully,

flexible, competent, uncomplicated, committed to our customers.

Test bench for electric motors

Test bench for electric motors Flyer Download

Testing technology for new challenges

20.000 rpm – the new high performance test benches for e-motors and e-shafts

Future electric vehicles will make use of high-speed electric motors in combination with an appropriate power electronics and a reduction gearbox.

Electric motor test benches play a decisive role in the development of these drive systems. Among many other tests completet on the test benches, are dynamic retraction tests and efficiency analyses as well as endurance tests performed.

The DASYM drive and load machines of the series ECODyn E are intended for test bench applications in the e-mobility sector. The max. speed is 20,000 rpm. Their high torques and low mass moments of inertia offer speed gradients of up to 26,000 rpm/s and thus very good dynamics for demanding simulations.

  • High dynamic drive technology
    Compact, low-inertia load machines in asynchronous technology with highly accurate speed and torque measurement.
  • Different test bench setups
    Tests for e-motors, e-shafts, back-to-back etc.
  • Environmental simulation and conditioning
    Use of climatic chambers, cooling liquid conditioning, control of temperature, flow and pressure. Separate cooling circuits for the converter and the motor under test are possible.

  • Open Automation
    Test runs and parameters can be freely programmed. The sequence control and test stand control represents the basis of the automation, which includes simulation as well as synchronous measured value acquisition and processing.
  • Customized mechanics
    Our substructures with air suspension and test specimen mounting have a vibration-optimized design, which is especially necessary for high speeds.
  • Solutions for your successful application
    On the electric motor test benches equipped from DASYM, new and further developments can be tested without restriction and thus support your continuous product improvement.

Your success is our challenge!

Test stand components and accessories

a) Coolcon coolant conditioning from FEV for engine outputs up to 300 kW
b) ServoCraft throttle actuator
c) MORPHEE automation system:

  1. Automation software MORPHEE 2:
    Can driver
    Component for FEV conStandard
    Test item Step point cycl.
  2. Automation HardwareAutomation Control CabinetD2T
    Autom. MORPHEE PST Computer2*
    Monitor 24 ”
    Can Card
    Master & Studio
  3. Automation accessories
    Watchdog accessories/O
    Extension CPL
    5 Panel
    Cable set
    for CPLNetwork switch Ethernet
  4. Measuring technology
    Measurement rack
    Balance arm with joint
    Temp Measuring Module T11
    Pressure Measuring Module P03Accessories
    Installation Measuring Bellows

If you are interested and have a requirement, we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and will send you a quotation immediately.

Asynchronous machine modules in stock

One module contains:
an asynchronous motor with attached HBM T40B torque flange and ROD 436 HTL speed sensor,
as well as the matching inverter system.

Module ECODyn 265M: 265 kW / 740 Nm / 9000 rpm

Characteristic curve of the ECODyn 265M module:

Used equipment

a) Asynchronous motor was used in motor test bench (year of construction 2007)

With the following data:

  • Nominal power: 420 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 400 V
  • Nominal current: 690 A
  • Nominal torque: 1540 Nm
  • Nominal speed: 2600 rpm
  • Max. Speed: 8500 rpm


  • Basic motor Air-water heat exchanger
  • Torque measuring flange HBM T10FS
    Blocking device
  • Support hole for vibration pick up
  • Cable glands
  • Pulse encoder ROD 436, with 1024 incrementals

b) Asynchronous motor was used in motor test bench (year of manufacture 2010)

With the following data:

  • Nominal power: 400 kW
  • Nominal voltage: 400 V
  • Nominal current: 680 A
  • Nominal torque: 835 Nm
  • Nominal speed: 4576 rpm
  • Max. Speed: 10000 rpm


  • Basic motor Air-water heat exchanger
  • Torque measuring flange HBM T10FS
    Blocking device
  • Support hole for vibration pick up
  • Cable glands
  • Pulse encoder Hübner type HG 18 D 512 CI, with 512 incrementals

If you are interested and have a requirement, we would be pleased to receive your enquiry and will send you a quotation immediately.


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