3 test benches successfully in operation

In the laboratory for Vehicle drives at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Bundeswehr University, old engine test benches were to be replaced by modern test benches with 250 or 350 kW power and the ability to use alternative fuels (methanol, ethanol, hydrogen), including an integrated measurement and automation system for teaching and research.

For this modernisation, it was important to deliver, on the one hand, a complete system consisting of test stand and measurement and automation system with high-quality load drives and a measurement and automation system based on an open architecture and algorithms for measurement, automation and evaluation.

As DASYM, we succeeded in meeting these requirements, so that we received the order to realise the project at the end of 2020.

These were 3 engine test benches: two with 350 kW and one with 265 kW load machines, complete with automation, control, measurement and safety technology.

The load units were equipped with our proven standard EC ODyn modules, and the automation, control and measurement technology was designed together with our partner OPV.

These 3 test benches have now been successfully put into operation and meet all the requirements set by the Bundeswehr University.

The cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Trapp and his staff was and is very good, so that the project management was a pleasure.


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